A fishy tale

Apparently those pregnant ladies out there should be scoffing down as much oily fish as they can get their mits on, according to new research. It suggests that the benefits of the Omega-3 oils are passed on to the baby, thus making it super intelligent when it finally makes it to the outside.

It seems until recently, mums-to-be have been hanging back from the fish dish because of worries over Mercury poisoning. The facts are that mercury is only present in a couple of species of fish, namely Shark and Tuna. Getting your oils from something like Salmon (though not smoked, that's effectively raw and verboten) is absolutely fine.

Off to Grimsby with the lot of ye...

Fish - good for you, except maybe not this one which is actually a tuna...


There's Snow News!

The 8th of February 2007 is a significant day. No, the kids haven't left home. There hasn't been a unilateral 20% pay rise across the country. It's even better than that.

It's a SNOW DAY!

After the months of complaining that winters just ain't what they used to be, suddenly a whole season's-worth of snow fell in one night. Naturally, the first thing parents up and down the country did was pack the kids off to school then phone work and say that driving conditions were just too treacherous to make it in. If you were lucky enough to have a school that was open that is.

And if you did drag yourself into work, more fool you. There's nothing better to unleash the inner child than the chance to play in the snow. Bankers liven up the walk to the station by flinging snowballs at marketing managers. Opticians whoop with delight, executing a perfect slide along the pavement. Truck drivers use a lay by to actually lie down - in the snow, making snow angels.

And the kids? They've got double maths!


Read what auntie Beeb has to say about the Snow day here.

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