Who'd be a celeb mum?

All those paparazzi, the need to drop 2st of baby weight in a week and a half, the weeks away from the kids, the superstar husband, free clothes and multi-million pound pay packets. Hang on a minute...

Demi Moore

All mums to be know how annoying it can be to have people second guessing you in your first trimester, before everyone is 'supposed' to know.

In celeb land, it's just as bad, but with added photographic speculation. But, you can pretty much be sure that as soon as there is a 'categorical' denial from the PR, the Stork is getting ready for take off.

As my photo linkies are broken at the moment, click on the sleeping babe to make up your own mind about GI Jane's latest potential recruit.
Sleeping baby in Halloween costume

Click to see what our Char has to say about baby love

Charlotte Church

Hearty congratulations go to Welsh warbler, chatshow hostess, nightclub habituee and owner of the finest decolletage this side of size 0 girl band members.

That's right, Charlotte Church has announced via her website,, that she and Welsh rugby player, Gavin Henson, are expecting their first child. It seems the voice of an angel with a body built for sin ('scuse the mixed metaphor - that last line may have been pinched from Melanie Griffith in Working Girl) didn't have much use for divine intervention.

Here at MUM STUFF towers we know the privations of pregnancy, particularly the whole Absolut abstention business so our hearts go out to the party girl and say, never mind - we'll raise a glass on your behalf..

(no, that never made us feel any better either!)

Anna Nicole Smith

Let's be honest here. Anna Nicole Smith wasn't a celebrity, appeared to have no discernible talent and if media reports are to be believed, was loopier than a macrame convention.

But no-one deserves the sad end she met at the beginning of February when she was found dead in her hotel room. It was the end of a tumultuous period for the former model. She was embroiled in a paternity suit over her 5 month-old daughter, her son died of an apparent overdose just hours after his sister's birth and there were continued wranglings over the inheritance she believed she was due from the estate of her late, octogenarian husband, J Howard Marshall.

Now, as the list of potential fathers seems to get longer and longer, we can just hope that her daughter gets to grow up out of the spotlight and with a set of parents, whoever they end up being, that will love and care for her as she deserves.

Jolie good show

US celebrity website,, has nominated Angelina Jolie as their mum of the year. Second was Reese Witherspoon and third, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Jolie surprised some mums by stating recently that she felt differently towards her natural daughter, Shiloh, than her two (at last count) adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

Mere mortal mums may not have the bone structure to die for, the million-dollar producing credits or the fascination for lentils, but at least we can walk outside the door in joggers and three day-old hair safe in the knowledge that we won't get our picture on the front page of The Times...

Skinny mum tums - no fair!

Mum tums

When I had my son, I was quite smug. I'd gone the whole nine months and actually lost a bit of weight. Hooray for me, I thought. Yummy mummydom here I come. Until I decided to eat for Britain while feeding him. So there I was a further six months on and the size of a small ferry. After much hard work yomping up hills with junior strapped to my back (extra calorie burning potential!) I finally got down to a more 'normal' size. Which is why this picture is making me ever so depressed! Clicky pic for story... pass me another chocolate bar while you're at it.

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